Reverend S. C. Dixon, General President

Rev. Pernell R. Trent, Sr., General Secretary

Health Awareness Team (HAT)

The Health Awareness Team (HAT) is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of our members and communities. Through the combined efforts of churches, associations, organizations, professionals and community leaders, the Health Awareness Team (HAT) will provide programs that will improve awareness and educate the public.

  • To provide leadership and coordination for the physical and mental health wellness education of our member churches.
  • To provide on-site presence of health professionals during our convention meetings and be prepared to respond to health emergencies.
  • To promote and improve health awareness.
  • To develop organizational partnerships with churches, associations and communities to further the mission and goals.
  • To encourage early interventions to enhance the healing process.
  • To develop mechanisms for counseling and support services for those in need.
  • MIND–daily lay aside your desires to follow Christ; willing mind
  • BODY–dare to be healthy
  • SOUL-Spend your time and energy in training for spiritual fitness (1 Tim. 4:7-9)
Rev. S.C. Dixon

Rev. S.C. Dixon

General President

Officers & Staff

  • Rev. Bobby Showers, Advisor
  • Sis. Barbara Hardy, RN Chairlady
  • Sis. Emily Ashworth, RN Co-Chair
  • Sis. Ester Robinson
  • Rev. Wilfred Gallien, Jr.
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